Two Motor Whole Body Vibration | Health Station Platinum

Health Station Platinum is the latest breakthrough in Whole Body Vibration

A truly innovative and feature rich machine ideal for both home and commercial use - it's unlike any other Vibration Trainer on the market...


What makes Health Station Platinum so special?

Health Station Platinum is the world's first vibration machine to combine the two different types of Whole Body Vibration in one machine. This creates 3 completely different functions making Health Station Platinum truly unique. Which is why with Health Station Platinum...

better health and fitness

Oscillating vs Vertical vibration

Until now you have had to choose between the two different types of vibration machines on the market:

  1. Oscillating machines - vibrate side to side
  2. Vertical machines - vibrate up and down
Vibration plate
Whole body vibration

Both are incredibly beneficial and have a wealth of research and case studies to support their stated benefits. However, research suggests, they both have advantages over the other.

Oscillating vibration is said to be better for weight loss, improving balance and core strength, toning the midsection and improving mobility in the lumbar area.

Vertical vibration is said to be better for toning the legs and lower part of the body and the arms and shoulders when doing upper body exercises, increasing bone density and improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Now with Health Station Platinum you can have the best of both worlds...

Health Station Platinum creates true synergy

Health Station platinum, unlike any other WBV machine, has two motors for oscillating and vertical vibration that can work either independently or simultaneously to create a third mode of operation . The additional mode makes Health Station Platinum an incredibly efficient and effective way to transform your body. Plus, at a fraction of the cost of other leading single function machines, it's exceptionally good value.

Health Station Platinum training advantage

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Health Station Platinum boasts a range of other great features...

  • 60 variable speed settings for each function giving you a total of over 3700 possible variations
  • 3 pre-set work out programs: Body Tone, Body Detoxify and Body Strengthen
  • Computerised USB device where you can construct your own workouts on your PC and work through them on your Health Station
  • Optional arm bands to work the upper body
  • Pulse reader
  • Large comfortable plate with anti-slip mat
  • Adjustable timer up to 20 mins
  • Sleek, stylish and quiet European design and engineering
  • Rear wheels for easy mobility
  • High quality commercial grade machine
  • Powerful 800w motor (combined)
  • Exercise DVD
  • 5 year warranty*

Technical Information

Frequency - Oscillation: 5-20Hz
Amplitude - Oscillation: 12mm
Frequency - Vertical: 15-40Hz
Amplitude - Vertical: 2mm
Power consumption:: 500w + 300w
Voltage: 220-240V; 50Hz
Dimensions: 580mm x 680mm x 1335mm
User weight capacity: 160kg
Gross weight/net weight: 64kg / 57kg

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What is Whole Body Vibration?

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has been in use since the 1970s and is backed by decades of scientific research. It was originally invented to exercise Russian Cosmonauts in the zero gravity environment of outer space to prevent bone density and muscle loss. They soon realised the health and wellness benefits that could be achieved using the technology here on earth and it was quickly adopted by professional athletes and sporting teams including the Russian and German Olympic teams.

Until recently WBV machines have been prohibitively expensive; costing upwards of ten thousand dollars. At Health Station we strive to bring you innovative and high quality WBV machines at a price that won't break the bank.

How Does It Work?

The vibrations created by Health Station put your body slightly off balance forcing your muscles to contract as they work against gravity and your own body weight to correct the imbalance. The rapid speed of the vibration plate causes your muscles to contract up to 50 times per second - much faster than conventional resistance training. In 10-15 minutes you get a similar workout to an hour long gym session. You're burning calories, strengthening and toning your body, speeding up your metabolism and improving your posture and flexibility all in the one workout.

What Do I Have To Do?

There are a whole range of exercises you can do on your Health Station, they fall into three categories:

  1. Fat loss and toning
  2. Flexibility and streching
  3. Massage and relaxation

As a beginner you can start by simply standing on the machine, if you're not used to doing a lot of exercise this will work wonders and you will experience excellent results. As your strength and health improve you can progress through to more advanced exercises and workout routines such as push ups and lunges. No matter what your fitness level you can tailor your workout to get maximum benefits in minimal time in the comfort of your own home.

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What Are the Benefits?

Decades of scientific research and countless success stories have proven that vibration training can...

  • Increase muscle tone and strength
  • Reduce body fat
  • Improve bone density
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce the stress hormone; Cortisol
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Decrease cellulite
  • Improve core strength and posture
  • Improve flexibility and balance
  • Speed up the metabolism
  • Increase Human Growth Hormone
  • Stimulate the collagen and elastin in the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles

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"My family and I have been using the Health Station for 4 months and we all love it. I've always seen exercise as a chore but the quick, invigorating work-outs motivate me to get active. My muscle definition improved very quickly and I'm getting better results in 10 mins a day than I was with a much heavier exercise regime. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone."
Janelle Paskins, QLD

"My husband and I brought the Health station after seeing it at the Royal Adelaide show. We just love how easy it is to use. We have ours set up in the family room and we both use it while watching TV, I'm a busy mother to two children as well as working fulltime so I don't get much time to work out. I used to go to the gym to work out but it was too expensive and I was not seeing the results that I wanted. Since using the health station I have lost 14Kg and have lost 13cm off my waist. My husband has lost 13kg and lost 8cm off his waist. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight and tone up. I even get my 65yr old mother on it when she comes to stay."
Stephanie & Lynton Paddick SA

"I am a 55 year old grazier and have been in the industry for 40 years and am constantly faced with intense physical and exhausting work on a daily basis. Since purchasing the Health Station I have used it everyday and have found that it eases muscle tension, toned my muscles, improved blood circulation and it has even helped reduce facial wrinkles. I strongly recommend it to any person who wishes to improve overall body function and see results fast."
Michael Lucey, QLD

"I purchased my Health Station 18 months ago and it turns out that it became one of the most the most important purchases I have made. Due to much Corporate travel, good food and no exercise, my weight ballooned out to just on 100 Kilos and my waist to a size 35! I realized that I needed to make a very important change of life style, or risk becoming obese or worse contract diabetes. When My Health Station was delivered I started using it straight away at least 2 X a day and from then on it became a part of my daily routine. I noticed in a very short time that I started to feel better within myself and combined with a regimen of a better diet and some other exercises, my weight started to decline over the first month. With the consistent use of my Health Station I found that my core strength was improving rapidly, my energy levels increased and my general feeling of well-being was growing. In August 2009, I had a bad fall and sustained a back injury, my doctor told me that if I had not lost the 20 kilos at that stage and I was not considerably fitter, my injury could have been disastrous. The Health Station was then instrumental to strengthening my back and speeding up the road to recovery. I now weigh 76 kilos, my waist size has reduced from 35” to 31”, I feel great and it certainly doesn’t harm the self confidence either. The quality and reliability of the Health Station is unquestionably super; the machine has been in constant use for 18 months and hasn’t failed me once. "
Tom van der Leelie, WA

"We are both in our 50's and were members of our local gym in an effort to increase fitness, tone up, improve muscle strength and lose unwanted kilos. We saw the Health Station at the home show and were impressed with the demonstration by the instructors. We took the information home to read and consider overnight the value of purchasing against the cost of gym membership for two. The following day we returned and purchased the machine. Over the next few months we both noticed strengthened muscle tone around the torso and leg area with improved circulation including losing 3-4 kilos. Since using the Health Station I have also found both my hip and lower back are stronger. From our results to date we would certainly recommend anyone interested in improving health and fitness to purchase a Health Station."
Ian & Lorrene Redman, SA

"I have owned my own beauty salon for 2 years, my main treatment is Endermologie; a treatment for cellulite. I bought a Health Station in August 2009 and have been following up the Endermologie treatment with 10 minutes on the Health Station. I have seen fantastic results using this combination with cellulite being further reduced and significantly improved muscle tone. I am now offering sessions on the Health Station as a standalone service and find they are increasingly popular due to the fast and visible results my clients' experience. I myself use the machine 4 or 5 times a week and have experienced a reduction in cellulite and improved muscle tone. The Health Station has been a great investment for my business."
Beverly Ellis, WA

"I discovered Health Station at the QLD EKKA Show. I purchased the Health Station and use it everyday, it sits in the corner of the TV room. It certainly has been the answer for my health in the privacy of my own home. I have no connection with the company making or selling these machines, but I will say that this machine has been fantastic for me and paid for itself many times over."
Jeanette Farrell, QLD

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Health Station Platinum comes with a standard 12 month manufacturer's warranty and an additional 2 years extended warranty as set out below.

Manufacturer's warranty

Southern Cross Promotions Ltd (herein referred to as the company) agrees to warrant the Health Station Active and Platinum models (herein referred to as the product) for a period of 12 months against any defects or faults in both mechanical and electrical components.

During this period, all parts, labour and freight costs to and from our nominated service centre will be at the expense of the company. All claims made pursuant to this warranty are made subject to the warranty conditions outlined below.

Extended warranty

When an extended warranty is offered, the purchaser must complete the online warranty registration within 2 months of receipt of the product to qualify. The extended warranty plan is subject to the terms and conditions set out below:

The Company agrees to provide an additional 4 years warranty for domestic use and 2 years for commercial use on all mechanical and electrical components excluding normal wear and tear. Labour and any necessary freight costs are at the expense of the purchaser.

Warranty conditions

  1. The warranty period commences on the date of delivery to the customer's nominated address.
  2. The original purchase agreement and proof of purchase must be produced in the event of any warranty claim.
  3. The purchaser will contact the manufacturer as soon as the fault becomes known and will cease to use the product until an evaluation of the fault has taken place.
  4. In the event of any claim made under warranty the company will at its sole discretion, either repair, rebuild or replace the component found to be faulty either on site at the customer's premises or at one of our designated service centres.
  5. In the event that the component is found not to be faulty or the fault has been caused by negligence or misuse on the part of the purchaser all freight charges, parts and labour costs will be at the expense of the purchaser.
  6. Health Station Active is covered for domestic use only. The warranty is null and void if used for commercial purposes.
  7. Health Station Platinum is covered for domestic and commercial use.
  8. The warranty does not cover wear and tear.

Warranty exclusions

This warranty applies to the original purchaser and is non transferrable.

This warranty will be deemed null and void in the event that:

  1. The product is modified without prior consent in writing from the manufacturer, or
  2. The product is not used in accordance with the operating manual provided by the manufacturer.

Important notice

Whilst all reasonable care is taken with the advice provided to the purchaser regarding the product and general health and fitness, the company and its agents do not intend the purchaser to rely on any individual personal health benefits the machine may offer as health and well being benefits vary.

Extended warranty registration

To qualify for the extended warranty you must register within two months of receiving your product.

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that an order cannot be cancelled once the items have been shipped. If the items have not yet been shipped, a cancellation fee amounting to 20% of the full purchase price is applicable to all orders cancelled after 3 days from the initial agreement to purchase.

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Safety Information

Please read carefully before you begin:

  1. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before you begin this or any other diet or exercise program.
  2. If you experience any abnormal symptoms while using the Health Station stop your workout immediately and consult your doctor before continuing.
  3. Please ensure the voltage in your home falls within the parameters that are required for the Health Station to operate safely.
  4. The Health Station should not share an electrical socket with any other electrical appliance or be connected to a transformer.
  5. The Health Station must be placed on a flat surface prior to use and should not be moved whilst operational.
  6. Children should not operate the Health Station, keep fingers clear of the moving plate.
  7. Prevent the Health Station coming in contact with water or other liquids.
  8. Do not operate the Health Station while eating, drinking, smoking or with wet hands.
  9. Once you have completed your workout it is recommended that you turn off and unplug your Health Station.
  10. The Health Station should not be used by any 1 person more than 3 times per day with no more than 20 minutes per session.


This product and the information provided are not intended to act as a substitute for any medical treatment whatsoever. All forms of exercise carry an element of health risk, to reduce this risk you should be cleared by a doctor before beginning any exercise program. However, even with such medical clearance, the risks associated with exercise can never be eradicated. Please follow all training and safety tips and instructions. Please keep children and pets away from the equipment when in use. While the following list of conditions is not complete, we strongly advise that you consult your doctor prior to using the Health Station if any of the following apply to you:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Pacemaker
  3. Acute Thrombosis
  4. Severe Migraines
  5. Cancer and/or Tumors
  6. Serious Cardio Vascular Disease
  7. Acute Hernia, Discopathy, Spondylitis
  8. Severe Diabetes
  9. Epilepsy
  10. Recent surgery, wounds or infections
  11. Surgery such as Hip or Knee Replacements
  12. Recently placed IUD's Metal Pins or Plates
  13. Essential Tremor

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Warranty Registration